Timings and directions for The Bookshop Band & special friends: live at the Old Barn 20 Oct 2016

It’s autumn. High above the Old Barn thrushes, especially redwing, are arriving from Iceland, Norway and Siberia, passing over at night sharing their distinctive “Tweet of the day”. 

It’s a MIGRATION-themed special from The Bookshop Band and their special guests Emma Hooper and Jack Wolf. And the Wetland and Wildlife Trust are using this special occasion to launch their lavish new crowdfunded edition of Paul Gallico’s The Snow Goose.

Tickets still on sale here.

Directions are here.

Approximate timings:

  • 1400-1800 Set up
  • 1812 Sunset
  • 1830 Guests arrive; bar open; hot meals served
  • 1945-2030 First set
  • 2100-2145 Second set