Extra – Moody DJ tribute to H.I.M’s Kelston time on 29 Sept

Guest DJ before and after the Gas Giants’ sets on 29 Sept will be “Moody Boy” Tony Thorpe. Tony promises a set inspired by Gas Giants’ rare 1990 CD, by the Kelston landscape and the rich history of nearby Fairfield house, former temporary home of H.I.M Heile Selassie.

The Emperor regularly walked the two miles to the centre of Bath during his six-year stay at 2 Kelston Road. Did this icon of Rastafarianism also walk the rather shorter distance to Kelston Roundhill? Surely.

Tickets for Gas Giants are on sale now. 


Moody Boy Tony Thorpe taking inspiration on a recent visit to Fairfield House, 2 Kelston Road, Bath (former home of H.I.M Heile Selassie).

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