Modulus III: live at the Old Barn, Kelston Roundhill

Modulus III is a beautiful balance of three intense musicians. Their gig of live spontaneous composition at the Old Barn on 6 May made for a compelling evening.

Modulus III take a post-soundcheck stroll on Kelston Roundhill on 6 May. 

Drew Morgan is is an avant-garde classically trained experimental cellist, also playing synths. On drums Matt Brown gives shape to the emerging improvisations, trying out a few cuts before settling in to a constantly shifting structure. Dan Moore plays keyboards. When he sketches out a choice riff on his Rhodes piano you first wonder how he can repeat it so precisely, but before long he’s messing with your head, breaking it up with variations that shouldn’t work but do. He’s hard-wired to a listener’s hedonic hotspots, the pleasure centres that create a craving for more of the same reward.

Any of the three can take the lead in bringing the performance on; they all lead, solo and provide continuity. It’s a band that likes to surprise its audience, and which responds to a setting and an audience that surprises them.

  • You can buy Modulus III’s first album at Friendly Records in Bristol. Watch out for their forthcoming second album Modulus III: live at the Old Barn released later this year by Kelston Records.
  • Next up: The Gas Giants, live at the Old Barn 20 May: tickets here