Modulus III live at Roundhill Barn Sat 8 Oct

There are – for our money – no more accomplished and exciting musicians in the south west than Dan Moore, Drew Morgan, and Matt Brown when they improvise together as Modulus III. Dan and Drew are multi-instrumentalists covering synths, cello and Rhodes keyboard; Matt is a drummer in a class of his own.

Modulus III will sit down in Roundhill Barn this Saturday 8 Oct, look at each other, and start to play something no-one has ever played before. It’s edgy, it’s atmospheric, you can lose yourself in it, and you can dance if that moods sweeps over us all.

It’s their first time at Kelston Roundhill since their memorable gig in 2017 – see 20-min video here; you get the idea. If you’re susceptible to this sort of music Modulus II is absolutely the best of its type. And if you’ve never experienced improvisation you’re guaranteed a memorable evening of something special.

Come join us! There will be simple food (bread, soup, the award-winning local organic cheeses), a cash bar and we’ll light the fires for a warm welcome. Tickets via Komedia.

One thought on “Modulus III live at Roundhill Barn Sat 8 Oct”

  1. Andrew Sedcole
    6 October 2022 at 14:07

    Hi Folks

    You might want to change the date shown for the Modulus III gig this Saturday. Website shows it as Saturday 9th. Saturday is the 8th, not the 9th….


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