Three Cane Whale London launch gig: Kelston Records now open for business

The wonderful Three Cane Whale played the Green Note in Camden last night. They let Kelston Records use the occasion as the launch event for our newly arrived first CD Three Cane Whale live at the Old Barn.


KR001: Three Cane Whale live at the Old Barn. Recorded on Kelston Roundhill 7 July 2016; launched in London 3 Oct. 

Physical sales will be available at Three Cane Whale’s gigs; the hometown Bristol launch of the new live album is 16 October at the Folk House (tickets). You can also purchase CDs at Kelston Records’ new online store here and various retail outlets.

Downloads: the album is also available on

and other download platforms: just search for “Kelston Records” or “Three Cane Whale” and look for “Live at the Old Barn”. Some services offer partial preview of the tracks. Downloading is more convenient and arguably more environment-friendly, but many people still prefer a physical product which can be signed, gifted etc. We’d be happy to offer a vinyl version if there’s sufficient demand; this may require pre-ordering, and has a longer lead time (three months).

Up next is something Three Cane Whale’s hardcore folk following may not have been expecting: a dreamy Brixton psychedelic remix of their track Brute Angels. We love it. We hope it will bring Three Cane Whale to new audiences. It’s addictive. We’re just getting it mastered so it doesn’t blow up your speakers. Stay in touch.


Poor photo of an excellent gig at the lovely Green Note folk cafe in Camden. Top beer, food, and great sounds in an intimate space. 


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