Focus live on Kelston Roundhill

Focus: Keyboard vocal and flute by Thijs van Leer, drums Pierre van der Linden, guitar Menno Gootjes, and bass Udo Pannekeet. What A Band. (all photos: Doc Searls)

Focus played Roundhill Barn, Kelston Sat 29 June 2019. A scruffy Dutch-registered van laboured up the hill, and out came the legends Thijs van Leer, Pierre van der Linden, Udo Pannekeet and their current young guitarist Menno Gooties. They were very chilled, especially when you consider they were catcing a ferry later that night and Thies had left his wallet and passport in the previous venue.

This is a brilliant band. They were brilliant in the 1970s, and they are brilliant now. They’re entirely faithful to their best songs, the ones that have been known and loved for decades. The quality of their compositions stands up entirely, and the performance was spot on: innovative yet familiar. We didn’t record it. It just lives in the memory and in excellent photos (thanks Doc and others).