Gas Giants: “defective comet” due to show over Kelston 29 Sept 2016

Kelston Records’ next project is Gas Giants – live at the Old Barn, 29 Sept 2016.

Gas Giants is a project of maverick local genius Will Gregory, performing with multi-instrumentalist Ross Hughes (bass clarinet, saxophones , guitar, bass & keyboards) and Tony Orrell (drums & electronics). Will is best known to the wider music-buying public as the instrumental partner to Alison’s sublime voice in Goldfrapp (official web site; Wikipedia page; Will’s world). Tony also plays in Andy Sheppard’s fab trio the Pushy Doctors, which played The Bell on 31 August.

FWIW here’s a review by Charley Dunlap for Listomaniabath of Gas Giants’ earlier gig in 2013:

The Gas Giants, like a defective comet, turn up every 1, 2 or 3 years, each time looking a bit different. Tonight mastermind Will Gregory and his resident Keith Moon, Tony Orrell, are joined by a guy named Ralph [sic], who is a multi-instrumental wizard. This has changed the nature of the band: it has decreased the number of midi cables by easily more than half and allowed Will to use far fewer sequences. So it was more a live blowing gig than ever, or maybe just a long time, before.

Otherwise, it was a glimpse into the arcane musical musings of Will Gregory’s mind, in which the dark corners are inhabited by Albanian radio stations and Moondog. Fear not, though, the glowing centre is still shining Ennio Morricone. Will played alto sax, sounding ever so much like he was in an 80 year old society band, while Ralph played bass lines on a baritone sax and Tony danced a puppet magically, and silently, over his drum kit.

Traversing through the above inspirations with surreal aplomb, they were vastly entertaining to this obviously sophisticated crowd. Sophistication deserted us, though, when they demanded the audience dance if they were to encore. We danced like escapees from a mental institution until, one by one, we dropped. Then they left, triumphant.

Ralph is Ross of course, and will be newly married.

Gas Giants have not recorded anything since 1990, so this is a big milestone. Hold 29 Sept up at the Old Barn in your diary and come celebrate. Tickets on sale now. (updated)