BOOK NOW – Eyebrow, Kolophon and Kathy Hinde Sat 7 Oct

Kelston Records’ groundbreaking 2017 season closes with two brilliant Bristol duos wrapped up in a visual treat. The bands are Eyebrow, and Kolophon, with visuals by live artist Kathy Hinde.

Eyebrow’s sound is built on the part-improvised, part-planned, looped explorations of drummer Paul Wigens with the wonderfully versatile trumpet player, Pete Judge (of Three Cane Whale and Get the Blessing) “Ambient, minimalist and rich. Wonderful” – AAA Music

Formed this year, Kolophon is the duo of French violinist Agathe Max and  cellist Drew Morgan (of Modulus III). Agathe is dreamy, and Drew is wild. Their growing collaboration is not to be missed.


Kolophon: Agathe Max and Drew Morgan