Change in line-up for tomorrow: it’s The Defective Comet

We’re sorry to say that Will Gregory is unwell and unable to play tomorrow. This is a great disappointment for the band (who had a terrific rehearsal together last Sunday and were excited about the gig) and for all of us who were looking forward to hearing Will.

Having spoken to some attendees and to other band members and explored the options, we’ve decided to continue with a modified event tomorrow night.

The other two Gas Giants – multi-instrumentalist Ross Hughes (bass clarinet, guitar, keyboards, flute) and drummer Tony Orrell have a ready prepared set as a duo, and will be recording as The Defective Comet. Tony will also do a set of his legendary disco drumming.

Guest DJ Tony Thorpe is all lined up to start at 1830, the bar will be open and BBQ fired up.

We fully understand if any Will Gregory fans want to cancel, and we will refund any ticket cost if you don’t want to come. But we hope you do – for a great evening and also to sign his giant get well soon card. Once he’s recovered we’ll try to rebook Gas Giants for spring 2017.